Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why I'm Here.

  Twenty years went by in a flash.  Along the way, I made a lot of friends and probably won't see most of them again.  That's just the way a career in the Navy works I guess and this is an attempt to let those I care about follow the off-beat path I've decided to travel in my retirement.
  Fiddler's Green is the name for the place sailors go when their time has come and this is to be the name for our little farm in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota.  Our intention is to make it as self-sufficient as possible, hopefully without giving up too many creature comforts.  We have no illusions that we can be totally independent but it's a goal to work towards while applying a little common sense.  I think the key is going to be a blending of very old technology and cutting edge developments.  My family says that I inherited my father's weakness for old and archaic machinery...and I suppose that's true.  There's nothing like working with an item that was designed and built before industry came up with "Planned Obsolescence".  Sometimes I feel like I was born 100 years too late.  On the other hand, I'm grateful to Naval Aviation for the twenty years of highly technical training that should help apply today's solutions to the inevitable challenges.
  My intention is to pass along our struggles in the attainment of this dream.  Along the way I'm sure you'll see the farm getting on its feet, our family's adventures in learning society's forgotten skills and probably my opinions on current events (I can rarely keep my mouth shut when it comes to this).  Stay tuned!

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