Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Day For Little Man *E*

  Whew! The boys actually went back to school after their two snow days off and I was able to catch up around here.   *E* actually napped long enough for me to get a bunch done on the stationary engine cart.  I can't wait until it's all together and I can move onto another project.  The picture above is *E* and I swinging at the park at the top of the road when he was about three months old.  I love being home with him and I am so thankful every day that I retired from the Navy at 20 years instead of pursuing it further.  I would be missing so much, especially if I was still flying.  It is such an absolute miracle to be given a child in my 45th year and to have the opportunity to be there for all of his firsts; instead of slogging away in the eternal Rat Race.  He is such a blessing.  Today, I was helping *J* with his homework and *E* was sitting on my lap, chewing on my thumb.  I noticed that it actually hurt a little bit so I had him open up and what do you know?  Two brand new chompers are poking up in front on the bottom.  We suspected that it would be happening soon but it was still a pleasant surprise.

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  1. Oh the days of first teeth...such a distant memory for me...but soon grandchildren. So I wait in anticipation of that day.

    Love the photo.