Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's day choo choo break

  We're in the homestretch!  There's very few projects left on the house before we do the big bugout to the homestead.  *A* has a few painting projects left inside and I'm finishing up the staining on the back deck and handicap ramp that's been three years in the making.  We've been busting our humps so there was a little breathing room for a father's day break.  *E* has been absolutely fascinated by train videos on the computer so we took him on his first train ride on the Lebanon Railway.

It was a one hour trip on 1940's era coaches pulled by an old diesel locomotive.  I was hoping that they'd have the steamer out but no such luck.

*E* was having a ball until the horn blew and the car started shaking as the locomotive started to pull.  That whistle is sure a lot louder and scarier than on the videos!

After a while he got bold never takes him long.  You could see that the coaches were built long before our society turned so overly litigious.  We kept a close eye on *E* to make sure he didn't lean to far out the window but he actually behaved quite well.

Honestly, I think his favorite part was the snack bar.  He ate most of mama's popcorn and drank most of her Sprite.

  It started raining soon afterwards so I decided to go pick our monster flatbed trailer up from the stable and start loading our stuff (no staining today).  It was pretty daunting looking at that big empty trailer and all the stuff stacked in the garage.  By the end of the day, I'd say we were about halfway there.

  You can't really see into the garage but the trailer is backed all the way to the rear wall and is still sticking out about eight feet.  We ended up tarping it for the rain showers.  That's Bonnie's fancy cart and my motorcycle lurking in the back of the truck.  Less than a week to our going Galt!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hectic days

  We just finished our last day of a three day moving sale and really thinned out the stuff that we have to move to the homestead.  Goodwill ended up getting the lion's share of what was left.  The realtor brought over the first prospective renter this morning as well.  It's hard to believe that "bug out" happens in only three weeks!

  *C*'s high school graduation ceremony was last night.  He has all summer to enjoy himself before heading for Navy bootcamp in September.  The awesome thing is that our grandbaby and family came up from North Carolina for the festivities.
Here we have grandma reading a story with Uncle *E* and Nephew *R*.  It's really cool that they are less than a year apart.  We get to see *R* so seldom that we're doing our best to hog him to ourselves!