Friday, October 7, 2011

The road train is pulling out

  Taking a little break while my DW is out running some last minute errands before I go.  I've been spending the last week or so working over our truck and setting it up to haul our new monster trailer.  This is a big step toward our permanent move next year as it gets some of our larger items out to the homestead.  The manifest reads as follows...

My little Nissan truck (we call her Cranky Pants) that I've had for years and has about 285,000 miles.  She's starting to get tired but still gets around 20mpg on the highway and is a nice size when we don't want to break out the behemoth F-350.  I just don't have the heart to get rid of her so along she comes.

My Ducati and my DW's Ninja motorcycles.  I feel like we've both outgrown these toys and they'll probably just turn into barn ornaments, especially living on dirt roads, but they're so old that they probably don't have much value if we chose to sell them.

Our old IH throttle governed motor.  It's only one and a half horse power and weighs a lot but it just oozes cool.  I don't know if it has the guts to drive the old cordwood saw out at the farm but I think that it would be a neat semi-permanent set up instead of running a tractor over to the saw when it's time to cut wood.  If not, we'll use it to run our third well which still has a working pumpjack on it.

Our Aeromotor B-702 windmill and about half of its 60' steel tower.  The mill has a 10' fan and will eventually be used to pump water up from the house well.  This sucker is HEAVY and took up quite a bit of space.

  This whole evolution has been quite demanding thus far but thankfully everything has gone pretty smoothly and we were able to hit all of our planned milestones.  This is what I like to call the "road train"...

  This flat bed is quite a bit longer than the fifth wheel horse trailer we hauled this summer.  Since it's a bumper pull, I had to rig a weight distribution hitch.  I've never used one before so this was definitely a new experience for me.  I was amazed at what a difference it made in how the whole thing rides. 
  I'm jumping off tomorrow so we're kinda sad around here.  It's the first time that my DW and I have been apart since I got out of the Navy.  It'll be good to get the homestead straightened up a little for the winter so we aren't playing catch up when we head out there next summer.

  Oh, here's a gratuitously cute picture of baby *E* playing in the grass out at the farm this summer.  Couldn't resist!

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  1. Good luck on the trip. Hope you have someone there to help you unload the windmill. That looks like one hell of a chore. I guess this means no more updates for a while. Boo.

    Is the trip next summer the final move? L really wants to see the badlands and I figured flying out there and renting a car makes for the perfect excuse to swing by.