Friday, September 30, 2011

Hooray for public schools!

  Just a quick blog after receiving an e-mail from my son *J*'s teacher.  Evidently, they are retaking school pictures in a couple of weeks for those that missed it the first time around.  I read the e-mail and hit close to delete it;  but something caught my eye.  I re-opened the e-mail and looked at the quotation at the bottom...

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich
  Really?  *J*'s teacher is quoting a man that is arguably the father of modern communism (sorry Karl)?  Either she is absolutely ignorant of who Vladimir Lenin was (I sincerely hope so!) or she knows exactly who he was and blindly follows the insanity that this man espoused.  Teachers and their unions wonder why less and less Americans are sympathetic to their supposed plight.  I've had quite a few conferences with this teacher, as *J* has special needs and every time we end up in an argument.  The last one was even in front of the school principal.  I suspect that she was looking for a friendly face in her corner but he was more of a peacemaker and wouldn't take a side.  She has told me at every meeting that her curriculum is designed to prepare him for entering a state run assisted living facility and now it all comes clear.  I always get a look of disbelief when I try to tell her that we will be taking care of *J* after he graduates from high school.  I'm sure there are plenty of jobs he can do on our farm that don't involve government subsidized employment although if *J* ever made the decision to pursue that (without any pressure from progressive loons like this teacher), I would totally support his choice.

  In the end, I'm really feeling the pressure to get out of dodge and put my whole family into a more stable and sane circumstance.  Next summer won't come fast enough!!!  I just hope the world doesn't catch on fire before then.

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  1. That is pretty pathetic, but not at all unbelieveable considering the source. The State wants our children from the cradle to the grave, and the more "teachers" keep brainwashing them, the more each generation become ignortant to the fact that there should be a free, responsible society.