Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring homestead pictures

  Just some quick pics from my blog from 21 May as I'm getting more used to Linux on my computer...

The posts are set in front of the coop for the chicken run / solar panel mount.

All of the posts and plates are up including the center king post.  It's a little overbuilt but it's going to have thousands of $$$$ riding on it.

All the rafters are up and we're just getting to the planks.

This is where we had to quit since we ran the small town lumber store out of planks.

Grinding the faucet off of the kitchen sink due to horrendous corrosion.  Who knows how old it was and it was a wreck where the connections needed to be made.  Sure was nice to have running water back...even if it was only the cold.

Bonnie and her two new friends.  She's getting along with the mini on the right but not so much with the one on the left.  It's an alpha mare thing I guess.

That's all the pictures that I managed to snap on my cell phone but we should have many more when we get out there.  Thanks for visiting.

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