Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why are we in the trouble we're in?

  DW is still plague-ridden although it seems like she has a bit more energy today.  Everybody else has dodged the bullet so far.  She's been spending a lot of time on her E-bay selling as this doesn't take too much out of her.  Her whole operation consists of buying items from estate sales, thrift stores or craigslist and selling them on E-bay.  We've tailored back our debt to just the mortgage on the Cinci house and our day to day spending has been reduced to $100 per week for a family of five.  The nice part is that she didn't have to return to her "rat-race" of a job and we're both getting to enjoy watching *E* grow up.  We kind of look at it as our own little Galt's Gulch!

So here's my amazingly sad E-bay story for the day...
  DW listed a little fortune telling pendulum kit that was do to end in the next day or two with no bids as of yet.  She received a message from a potential buyer this morning indicating that this individual was interested in buying the item but would not be able to pay within the three day limit that was indicated on the listing.  Payday was coming up and she wouldn't have the money until then.  My DW, being the humanitarian that she is, replied that she would make an exception and extend the deadline for payment to one week.  Problem solved!!!  The person bid on the item.  Here's where it gets really sad...the item was $3 with another $3 for shipping.  You can't make this stuff up!  The woman didn't have $6 to her name so that she could buy a FORTUNE TELLING PENDULUM and was trying to leverage this monstrous financial investment on her next pay check!  I would give her a dollar to just be able to look into her food cupboards.  I was shaving with my straight razor when DW was telling me this story.  I'm lucky I didn't slit my throat when my jaw dropped.  I was a command financial counselor in the Navy for each of the squadrons to which I was assigned.  I would see this kind of stuff every day from the young sailors that just had way too much credit available to them and got themselves into trouble but this one is amazing to me because of the amount of money involved and the frivolity of the item.  People just don't understand what's coming!

  Whew this post was pretty sad.  Here's a couple of pics of *E* out at the farm this summer, swinging in a hammock and rolling in the grass.  Enjoy!

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